Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mild concussion?

Well last night I was putting James to bed, again, and Dave came home from basketball. Thought nothing of it until 15 minutes later and I realized he hadn't come out of our room. I figured he was tired and maybe just fell asleep on our bed. So I walk in and sure enough he's just laying on the bed. It didn't seem right though and I got him awake only to find out he hit his head pretty hard playing basketball. All I could think to ask is if he felt nauseous and want to throw up or check his pupils to see if they were dialated. Nothing like that so I wasn't too concerned. But this morning I was checking out symptoms of a concussion and he is dizzy and kind of slow to react cognitively. So my baby has a mild concussion. Poor thing. He is staying home from work today. I hope the symptoms don't last too long and that he can heal quickly.