Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Home

Our home is full of mismatched garage sell furniture, hand-me-down items and every wall a different color. Nothing is new except for maybe a few trinkets here and there. The carpet is worn down, old and needs to be replaced. There are holes, scratches, crayon, pen and anything else that will leave a mark all over the walls. The house is dirty 78% of the time except for when mommy gets the occassional burst of energy to clean. Many of the toys are broken or in pieces because of a screwdriver and a 5 year old boy. Nothing is sacred...........except for the love that resides here. A family built over seven years of ups and downs. We aren't perfect but we are a perfect fit for eachother. Each one helping the other to learn and grow especially mom and dad who need to learn the most. We trust God, we try to be honest, we love oodles and try to do good always. That is our home.