Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dave's work has this really great exercise program, where every day that you exercise for 30 minutes or more you get 100 points. They put these points up on a board in the office. There is nothing more motivating then having your exercise habits out for all the world to see. Dave gas been doing a great job so far. He has only missed a couple of days due to time constraints and his Achilles tendon hurting. Hopefully that will be lessened by the new shoes he bought yesterday. He was swimming in his other ones. I also got new shoes. Mine totally bit the dust on Monday while jogging. I can't say I was too disappointed by that. ;0) Well I didn't really want to post my week 2 progress, but I will. That 3 lbs. I lost last week well I gained it back plus 2. I am not too discouraged by it though. It's time and there is no turning back. I will be fit. I can already feel the benefits of it, even if my fat hasn't caught on yet. Someday all this plugging will pay off. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body and not the scale