Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby Talk

You know how if you don't bring certain things up you hope kids aren't aware enough to bring it up because it might be awkward or painful to talk about? So today Benji started talking about having a baby in the house. He even said it could sleep with him in his bed. He sees other people who have 3 kids in their family and we only have 2 so we need some more babies, and mom how many boys do you want, how many girls do you want? I think we should have 2 girls so they can be friends. I totally love his ideas. I love that he wants more kids in the family because for a long time James was enough for all of us. But now he wants a lot of babies who can sleep in his bed and he'll need another pillow so she'll have something to sleep on. So stinkin' cute, but I was sort of at a loss as to tell him we have been trying, and not getting anywhere. I don't really want to get into the whole birds and bees discussion and point out that mommy's bees can't produce honey right now. It would be lovely to have another soul around and I know when the time is right it will happen. I just hope we don't have talks like this all the time now, but occasionally it is nice to dream and plan for the future where Benji can share his bed with the baby, although when I suggested a baby needs to sleep in a crib, he liked that idea much better. What a sweet boy to offer though. Now if he could just get together with the stork and work out a deal to bring in some more babies then we would really be in business.