Thursday, February 28, 2013

I hit the wall

Well I have been doing amazingly well these past 3 weeks or so. I have dropped the 8 pounds I gained the 2 months before. I have had a lot more energy and then Tuesday I hit the wall, hard. The last three days have been sort of rough trying to figure out what went wrong. In all honesty I think I have a touch of adrenal fatigue too. Nothing a good yummy cranberry smoothie won't fix. Only took me three days to figure it out. Cranberries are awesome. SUPER DUPER foods. They always make me feel better. I really do need to lay off the sugar again. I have gotten in over my head. Not a good idea. It's hard though when you feel like crap because the sugar gives you that tiny boost of energy,  just enough to survive until you come crashing down again. Vicious cycle. Oh well. Life is not perfect. Every day can't be the best. And yes it is 5:30 and yes I am still in my jammies. Tomorrow is another day full of hope. We shall see what she brings me.