Friday, April 26, 2013

The Older I get

Usually this would be a post reserved for a birthday or something but yesterday and well everyday I realize how much I love the older I get. Okay so maybe not so much the sore and crackin' joints but the wisdom and understanding I gain about myself and those around me. Life was hard for me in my teens and I really didn't enjoy my twenties that much but my thirties are so far the best for me. I have learned that most THINGS don't matter. That people are really doing the best they can and that sometimes it isn't even about all. Life is meant to be enjoyed, that savoring moments is awesome. Being in a hurry to be somewhere is stressful so either don't have somewhere to be all the time or slow down. Gratitude is the lifeblood of happiness. We aren't owed anything and anytime anyone does anything for us it is truly a gift we all give each other so be thankful. I know I still have a lot of lessons to learn, but the older I get the more I see, I hope. I am just so happy, well most of the time, even in the midst of trials it is all okay, be happy, there is nothing to fear and it probably doesn't even matter.