Sunday, August 11, 2013

The World

I have been noticing a lot about the world lately. A lot I don't really care for. My biggest thing lately though is the pressure the world creates for women. Especially all the superficial stuff. I hear and see and watch all these things women say about themselves about getting older, getting wrinkly, getting skinny, being too fat, gray hair, losing hair, buy this, wear that. I am at a point in my life where I am so annoyed by how we can be so easily sucked in. WHO CARES? What are the most important things? Will Meaningful Beauty take away my wrinkles? Will Fluidity finally be the product that slims me down? Will I ever be pretty enough or smart enough or ANYTHING enough? The answer the world will give you is no. You will never be enough. You will always fall short you will never amount to anything. And every time lately when I see or hear these things or even think them I actually hear Satan and his tools of deception, because I know in the eyes of our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ we are and have always been enough. We are beautiful fat and skinny and wrinkly and gray they show the world the hills we've climbed, the mountains we've peaked, and the roads we have traveled. My stretch marks are a gift. They show me the love and sacrifice I was willing to give to create and house two bodies as they grew and developed inside of me. The gray hairs are a testament that life has been hard for me sometimes and I have traveled to places and learned things. My love handles are a product of wonderful memories spent trying to create life and also enjoying some really good food. I am not defined by what I look like or what I do for a living, but I hope I am defined by how much I have loved. How much I have sacrificed for my family, for my friends. I wish we could all see ourselves as beautiful in every way. I know God doesn't make mistakes and I know that I am who I am and that is something to love and cherish.