Thursday, June 5, 2014

Falling down

Well you know me and sugar. I have fallen off the wagon again and have been struggling since Easter or so. I put back on about 10 pounds. Things have been a might tight. But each time I fall I see things differently. I see the broader picture. I find new symptoms and attacks each time. And each time I pick myself back up again. And each time I am left with a greater resolve to do better. Why do we fall? Sometimes God lets us go down the wrong path, not because it is fun for him or to see us suffer, but there have been so many times in my life that when I hit the dead end in the road I know I am on the wrong road. And when I go back and get on the right road I don't have to question which road I need to be on. I have hit many forks in the road. Some have led to dead ends and painful places I never thought I would allow myself to go. But the cool thing about falling so far and knowing the only way to get out of the hole you have dug for yourself is the hand waiting there to lift you out. Our Savior is the only way and means necessary to get out of deep dark holes. He is also the only way to get out of ruts, the seemingly little things that trip us up or cause us to lose direction until we are far off course. For now I have won the battle with sugar, the war is yet to be determined, 4 days off and already down 5 pounds, thank you body for your kindness. So though falling is hard, it can be such a benefit for us, a way to grow and strengthen our resolve and find the true path meant for each of us. Stay strong and never give up or be disappointed. The Savior is always there rooting us on, waiting for us to travel down paths and waiting to pick us up if we fall, and we are going to fall, and it's okay. Just dust off your britches and get back on the right road. Some of us may be entirely stuck taking the scenic route, for some reason if you're like me a little stubborn and pigheaded that may be the only way to learn, but oh the wisdom and the joy we will find when we finally are able to reach our destination. A beautiful mansion prepared for us and a loving Father and Brother and all kinds of family and friends there to welcome us home.