Saturday, September 13, 2014

God is good

This week I was able to be a small part of a miracle. It truly helped me to see the role God plays in all our lives. How he puts us in certain places at certain times and how we can help others based on those experiences. My cousin got a new job in D.C. She has been looking for a place to live. I kept wishing there was some way I could help. I know the location of a great cupcake shop, but have no clue as to where she could live. Then a few nights ago I had a dream. In it I remembered a friend from 4.5 years ago in where I asked her if she could help my cousin find a place. And this repeated a few times throughout the night, so when I woke up I remembered.

Four and a half years ago Dave had the opportunity to work in D.C. I really didn't want to go, but the thought of being away from him for 2 months was kind of excruciating to me. So we went, as a family. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. So many wonderful things to do right within a metro ride, and the best part, most of it is free. Now here I was sort of alone, because Dave was working everyday, with two small boys, and we knew no one. We tried going to church the first week but it had been cancelled due to the snowmageddon of 2010, which we didn't find out until we got there, a very long train ride and 1+ mile walk in snow. It was crazy. But the following week the snow had melted and we made it and during Relief Society I met an angel named Jennifer. She told me they had play groups every Wednesday and if I would like to go, she even volunteered to pick us up, because I had no clue where anything was. She was a true godsend to me during a difficult time.

Fast forward to this past week and here she was in my mind, totally forgotten about until my dream. I happened to have kept her e-mail, good thing I don't clean out my inbox, and was able to e-mail her and see if she would be willing to help. It didn't take long for her to reply with such a willingness to help my cousin.

I broke down in tears. God is so good and so amazing and if we are open to it, we are the instruments He uses to move His work forward, He uses us to help each other out. Without Him I would never had remembered a friend from so long ago, and without the strong dream and impression I never would have sent the e-mail. I would have written it off as craziness. But He knows. He knows. And I am so thankful for the experience, that He trusted me enough. It was a beautiful thing. And yet again I am changed.