Monday, August 15, 2016

The journey

The journey of a thousand steps begins with the first mile. I know that isn't the right way, but sometimes when my brain screws things up like that it makes total sense to me. Sometimes that first step feels like a mile. It's not just a little step. Especially when I don't feel well that single step may as well be a mile. But the cool thing is God helps you...if you ask. He leads you to tools and makes things possible. I just happened upon a new app yesterday. Running for weight loss. I started it today. So far so good. My body hurts everywhere. Even before I started. I sometimes get this achiness in my muscles for no reason, well I am sure there is a reason I just don't want to go find out. I usually just deal. I am hoping this will help me. It was challenging but not so much that I want to lay in bed the rest of the day. Yeah, that's the other thing I deal with lack of energy. Some days I have a ton, feel like I can conquer the world. Others I have a little. Most days lately though I have absolutely none. Start at rock bottom and pretty much stay there the whole day. It isn't easy. Most days I push myself anyway. Dave have me a blessing once and I have tried to have the faith that it is true, if I will put forth a little effort the Lord will magnify my energy for me so I am able to do those things I desire. So far it has been true. Only thing is exercising that faith, especially when you feel terrible most days. I am thankful for that blessing. I am also thankful for my family.