Thursday, March 3, 2011

The many happenings of the cox family

Well I think we have finally turned the corner as far as potty training is concerned. James finally cares and wants to go potty, he is also doing better at being a nice boy. He is slowly but surely calming down. He is a little more obedient and is starting to turn the corner on that front too. Benji was just born good (probably not, but sometimes I forget all the work that went into him).

Benji is so cute. He is learning to read and I am so proud of him. He's also becoming quite the social butterfly. Talks to just about anyone, and me the wallflower that I am can't believe where this came from and sometimes I have this urge to stop him, but I don't want to impeed him from being who he is. He is such a talker, and I used to worry about him because he didn't really begin talking until he was three and now sometimes we can't get him to be quiet sometimes. I am so excited for him to start kindergarten this fall because he loves school so much.

We are so excited because we are getting a fence this year with our tax refund (well I think mommy is the most excited) so I can just send the kids out and not worry about them so much (with James history of running).

Dave finally got his promotion at work. He finished his PDP program and is now the area engineer in region 2. I am so excited for him. He has had to fight and learn a lot the last 8 months in order to prove himself, but he did and I'm so excited for him. He sure has grown a lot. It's funny because I was thinking of when I was younger and how I always wanted tall, dark and handsome, but something my YW leader told me stuck with me (probably for good reason too) about how you could miss out on a great guy if all you think of is having him be taller than you. Her husband ended up being the same height as her too. I don't know why it stuck with me but it did. Is Dave tall, no, dark haired, no, handsome, well yes, but I don't know what I'd do with out him he is truly my very best friend and I would trade tall and dark for Dave any day.

For me this last month has been a very trying time. I have been on quite the emotional rollercoaster and really wanted to get off, but knew it was something that I had to go through and may still have to experience for the next couple of months until things work themselves out. It's not fun, but there is something strengthening in knowing I can't shirk this if I want things to work out the way I want them too and the way they need to be worked out. It's going to be a very bumpy ride. I am thankful to my boys for being so supportive of mommy. It's not easy when mommy is raging one minute and crying the next, but they are so sweet about it and just keep loving me.

Well that's the latest and sorry if it bored you, it's quite a lot to read. I wish I could do it more often sometimes because it's a good way of journaling and I feel like I'm forgetting a lot of things, but such is life.