Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Wish....

1. That all jellybeans tasted good. Sometimes like life you end up with some nasty flavor that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
2. That money wasn't so tight. That gas was cheaper and the price of groceries would stop goiing up so we could actually have a little left over every month to save.
3. There weren't so many weeds. I mean I know the reason why we have them, but seriously sooo many? I don't mind working by the sweat of my brow, but there are other things in this life besides weeds.
4. That I could have an endless supply of licorice. I'd probably get sick of it which might not be a bad thing, but it is so yummy to me now.
5. I had a maid. I think I could be such a happier mommy if there weren't so many things to do all the time. Anyone want to clean my house? For free? ;0)
6. For triplets. I know my sister-in-law will think I am nuts (she has super cute twins), but I would just like to get 'er done. One time kapow. It probably won't happen and I should probably be careful what I wish for, but I just can't help myself.

I am sure I could go on and on, but in the meantime I am thankful for the beauy of the earth. The flowers blooming in my yard the flowers to come and the trees to provide fruit and the veggies growing, in spite of the noxious weeds. I am thankful for candy, my week spot, as it were, for learning my limits and underestimating the growth potential from it (if you know what I mean). I am thankful for my boys, all three. What a blessing, amen to that. And even though I can't have a maid I am thankful for the body that is able to clean even in the midst of fatigue. That keeps ticking in spite of the abuse I put it through. And I am ever so thankful Dave has a job and can support us in the things we do have. We truly are blessed.