Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A little behind

Benji was so excited, James found some sand box tools Monday morning. Mommy forgot to put them in the Easter buckets.

I feel like I am still playing catch-up and it all seems so daunting. Being out for a week sure throws your whole routine out of whack. I'm still not 100% better. I am pretty well exhausted everyday. I don't know if that is from the sickness or not being able to take my daily vitamins because of the antibiotics I was on. We shall soon see because I took my last one this morning. I may also be tired because I have been up several times a night with James. Poor kid is sicker now at least more than last week. He has had a fever of 102.5°, he threw up all over me last night and he has had the runs. Poor kid. I am more behind because he wants to just be held all day long. It's exhausting being a mother of sick kids, well just one kid in particular. Benji is a fantastic sick kid. Half of the time I don't even realize he is sick. He just carries on as usual.

We sure had a good Easter though. We went to 2 great Easter egg hunts, which I think I have eaten the majority of the spoils and had a great BBQ at my Uncle Ivan's and Aunt Catherine's house. They are the best. Then Sunday was perfect. I got to play the piano for a lady who sang O Divine Redeemer. Then with 2 other musical numbers and great talks at church. It was just a really great day. I am thankful for my Savior and I know He lives.

The end, of my really lengthy soliloquy.