Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Round

Well I have started a new round of clomid. Can I just say that although I had pneumonia last month it was actually kind of a nice break? I needed it. I was sort of empty and tired, really tired. I think my body needed some rest, and the only way to get me to rest is well, obviously pneumonia. Anyway I don't like this medicine. I feel kind of yucky and I am just waiting for the raging hormones so I can yell at my kids for no good reason. ;0)

It was kind of weird on Sunday watching all the mommies and their babies and all the preggo ladies, I felt like I was missing something, or someone to snuggle with on my lap. I feel like I am behind. I kind of felt a ping of jealousy and almost regret that I don't have my own little baby to snuggle with, it was really weird. I haven't felt that for a long time. I guess we will see what happens. Even if nothing happens I know I have two of the coolest boys around and don't tell anybody but they still like to snuggle with their momma.