Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yard Work

Well since it was the first nice day since last saturday we spent the day in the yard. James and I pulled weeds this morning and this afterrnon we went and got some dirt. We put in a raspberry garden up against our fence. I am so excited for them to spread out and for us to get a motherlode of raspberries. I also trimmed the overly long grass around the rocks and fire pit. Looks good finally. Dave was also brave enough to aerate our lawn. Well I should say the neighbor was brave enough to let him borrow his brothers aerator. He about took out our new raspberry plants and our new fence. I love him, he tries so hard for me. I usually just take care of everything, but I am trying to relinquish some control. I actually love it. Gives me more time to blog or do other things. Well if anyone wants to come over for roasted dogs and smores let us know. We might actually be able to have people over without embarrassment. Now if we could just get the pond working. Anyone know an electrician?