Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Perspective and miracles

Some may say that what is happening to my little niece Lucy has to be one of the worst things imaginable. But to me it a miracle of the greatest kind. She has to have another open heart surgery. Somehow her last one didn't quite fix all of her problems and the doctors were trying to find her extra collateral arteries to cut them out but couldn't find them. Now being here in a different place with a different opinion they want to use those collateral arteries to repair the one that isn't working. How great of a miracle is that? And if they don't think they can fix it here they will send her to one of the best who can at Stanford. As much as I hate to see my niece suffer again I have the best feeling in the world that this will all be for her good. It's sad how much suffering we have to endure but through it all our Father in Heaven is mindful of us so much that he hides a collateral artery from one doctor in order to save a life with another. God is good.