Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So my boys are usually really good helpers, but if want to get something done and right now you have to pull out the big guns. So what do I do bribe. I am not ashamed to admit it. Works like a charm. Benji cleaned his room and vacuumed the whole house for 6 quarters. James on the other hand can not be bought or coerced in any way. If he wants to do something it's on his terms. So he did clean the toilet in his bathroom all by himself. I gave him a dime for swishing to toilet bowl cleaner around. I guess I should give him some more. I am starting to have wage disbursement guilt. I am a terrible parent. No wonder he doesn't want to do anything with the wages I'm paying. ;0) He must be on some kind of strike. I guess maybe he prefers sweets. I don't know. Benji is the money grabber and James well he could care less about most things and pretty much dances to his own music. Someday I'll figure him out and his price. Hopefully it won't be when he's 47. This could be a long lifetime.