Sunday, November 13, 2011

One Month

It's been one month since sweet Lucy left this earth and in that one month that little girl has changed me. I have spent the last week or two sewing up a storm. I have helped to make or will make at least 31 quilts for Primary Childrens Hospital. It was my dream once to do just that. Sew quilts for them if only I had the money to buy all the fabric in the world I wanted. So thanks to Lucy and in honor of her she is helping me live one of my dreams. She has also helped me overcome some of my Pofears. Fear of not feeling like I am good enough the way that I am. I can be or say or do anything now without as much fear as I used to have. My shell is coming off. I also did something today I never imagined I would do. I sang a solo in church while playing the piano. And although it didn't turn out the way I had practiced or perhaps wanted to I accomplished the most terrfying thing. Now if I could get over the fear of bearing my testimony in public we might turn out alright. As much as I miss that sweet girl and as much as I would love to have her back I am so thankful for the opportunity to grow and learn through her death. Life is but a moment so precious. Let us never forget that or grow complacent in that.