Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Okay so usually I don't make resolutions because lets face it I DON'T KEEP THEM. But this year I decided to make a few. I was talking to Dave about my recent woes and remembering a great lesson in church about balance and decided I could certainly use some direction. So in no particular order: 1. I will exercise at least once a week for 1 hour. (totally doable, that's my goals for this year, totally doable) I can do more than this but try not to do less. :o) 2. I will make time to read my scriptures every day. (let's face it I have been slacking on this one and for a really no good reason) 3. Lose 5 lbs. by my birthday without a daily or weekly weigh in. A little more pressure to stick to it and a little less chance of sabotaging myself. 4. BE HAPPY, no matter my weight, no matter my circumstances, no matter the weather. Find or make joy. 5. Stick to a budget. I have been a little better about this the last 3 months and have found we have a lot more money to go around when I make what we have work for us. I am sure I could come up with a few more things but I am really trying to set realistic goals that I know given my circumstances I can actually accomplish. It's crazy how much better hou feel when it is a goal that can be achieved instead of setting lofty goals that will most likely not be accomplished. And while I may not accomplish #3 or #5 or any of them for that matter. I am going to give myself a break from my self loathing because in the end it doesn't really matter as long as you tried, something.