Friday, January 6, 2012

Our morning routine

Every morning is the same. I lie in bed and boys come in with a full frontal assault of kisses and rough housing. Up until a week ago it was a lot of yelling and fighting and beating eachother up (I don't know what it is about putting 2 boys in such close proximity to eachother that turns the world into combat mode). I figured out if I roll into the middle of the bed and each boy takes a side peace ensues. I guess they are fighting for the prime position of being next to mom. Which I don't actually get because mom is the crusty crab but apparently everyone wants seafood for dinner. Everywhere we go it is the same story, at each meal time, church, in bed everyone wants to be by mommy. I guess I should be flattered, it probably won't last very long, but the yelling and fighting grates at my very last nerve. Plus sometimes I want to sit by their daddy and then a real fight ensues for the only spot left open. Poor Dave more times than not is left alone or whoever isn't lucky enough to sit by mom has to sit by dad, it's terrible to have to sit by dad, poor dad. Anyway back to the routine, the boys are usually kissing monsters (although James is happy to just be James who kisses a lot) or we pretend we are Mario, Luigi and Princess shooting freeze balls and fireballs at eachother. Most of the time Benji pesters us to death with his incessant teasing, you would never know it but he is the biggest tease. James on the other hand is mommy's protector and huggy boy. I sure do love my boys and our morning time together. I hope it continues indefinitely, although one day they will grow up and sleep in and I will be the one jumping on them to wake them up, but in the meantime I will enjoy these precious moments.