Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I finally was in the Christmas spirit on Tuesday, yes 2 days after Christmas. I feel like my spirit and mind are still trying to play catch up. By now the decorations would have been put away but they are still up. It didn't completely dawn on me until last night about 6 o'clock that it was new year's eve and time to celebrate. I couldn't figure out why my uncle had invited us over for a party (sorry Dave and Sandra I am sure we missed a great time). We went to bed around 10, well I did the boys were in bed by 8 and Dave stayed up later than I did. It has been a really weird year and it starts off even weirder by having James in big boy primary at church instead of nursery. I never thought there would be such a gap at the end. I feel a little empty about it. Also this week my dad found out he has stage 1b melanoma cancer on his neck and had surgery all within 4 days. He has a nice 5" frankenstein cut down his neck. Life is pretty crazy, but the prognosis looks good. He'll find out more for sure on Tuesday. Wishing everyone another interesting year, that's for sure. Although it has been a pretty brutal year I don't think I would want it any other way because with each new trial comes growth and change both needed to become better, refined. Hopefully I have learned something, who knows though. I feel like I know less than I did yesterday. What else is new?