Sunday, February 12, 2012

A fun night out with the fam

Last night we had a great night hanging out together. We headed to a basketball game, where I thought for sure James would be much more interested, being all boy and all, but found Benji really had a great time. He even paid close enough attention to the score and making baskets and he would raise his hands up in the air then pull them down and start clapping every time the white team made a basket. It was so cute to watch my little man. It was such a joy for me to see how excited he was and that he knew what was going on. I guess I don't give my kids enough credit but they sure surprise their momma and I am so proud when they do. James was also very good too. He stayed in his seat 90% of the time which for James is no small miracle. Afterwards we went out for pizza. I just can't get over how big they are and how they are changing and what kinds of things they think of. I know my boys can really get on my very last nerve sometimes, but in the next moment there is no one I would rather be with and spend time with.