Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Rough Day

I know that no one wants to hear about my pathetic life again except for maybe my posterity in future generations so here it goes: I went to visit with my endo today. Routine visit or so I thought, told him I am still not feeling peachy and he said it could be a couple of things. He ruled out my metabolism which is working fine I guess (thanks to a test I had to take 3 times before it worked)(it really wasn't THAT bad). He also mentioned it could be something else which I don't want to speculate on until I get my bloodtest results back. But in the meantime the possibilities have been gnawing at me all day and tearing away any shred of hope I had left. It is just so frustrating to me that the cause can more than likely be cured if I didn't have the problem in the first place which is preventing me from the fix. So my doc wants me on a 1900 calorie/day diet and to exercise for 30 minutes every day. Sounds simple enough until this evening when I went to my spinning class and had absolutely no fuel to get anywhere. I felt horrible. I have never had my blood sugar plummet like that before that I can recall. So what do I do? My doc wants me to eat less but in doing so I risk having problems again like I did tonight. Should I quit my class because as much as I love it (not) I really don't want to quit (says the perpetual quitter). I have just been on a major roller coaster today. No fun! The End.