Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday James!

Today my little man turned 4 and mommy was crazy enough to throw him a party (remind me next time to shorten it to 1 or 1 1/2 hours please). It was fun. Although not everything turned out. The theme of course Mario or more like Luigi because that is James favorite. We tried making a Yoshi egg piƱata (remind me to never make one of those either unless I give myself an extra week or 2) it sort of exploded in the oven because I forgot and left it on trying to dry it quicker. So instead we had a candy search in the yard, probably better anyway I am sure one of the kids would have had their block knocked off. So we had a candy walk (AKA a cake walk), pin the mustache on Luigi, and of course the candy hunt. After that the kids played outside, colored on the sidewalk with chalk, blew bubbles, played on every piece of equipment in the backyard, and of course cake and ice cream. All I can say is James was spoiled. I am so thankful to have him around (well most of the time). He is such a little blessing to me, my little man. Happy Birthday Boo-Boo!