Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's working

One week ago I started the myfitnesspal app and 7 days later I have dropped 5 pounds. 5. Who would have thought? And I did it eating oreos and an In-n-out shake and french fries and marshmallows. Of course I didn't eat a whole sleeve of oreos, just one serving at a time. I didn't eat the whole shake, just half because after all they are 590 calories alone and I only ate half the fries. The thing I love about this is you can eat whatever you want you just have to try and stay within your allotted calories for the day. I didn't exercise every day either, but I did exercise 5 of the days which is really good for me. The only thing I didn't follow on the app or like about the app is the calories you burn through exercise they give back to you and that is okay if you want to maintain your weight but if you are trying to lose weight you really need to be burning more than you take in. So I have been trying to stick with my 1900 calories, which is easier than I thought. I usually have 1000 left after I eat lunch, sometimes I try to think of things just to fill up the extras I have left over. I really don't feel like I am starving myself or depriving myself of anything I want, I just try to be more moderate. I am really enjoying this especially after losing 5 pounds in one week. I am so glad something is finally working after trying off and on over the last few years. 40 pounds left until I reach my goal although 60 would be optimal I would feel good and healthy at 40 pounds lost. Here is hoping it only takes me 8 weeks. :o)