Sunday, April 8, 2012

Quite a surprise

This morning was usual or so I thought, well I guess the thing is I wasn't really thinking otherwise I would have noticed something was completely missing. It wasn't until I was going out to the garage and saw a fluffy white ball of fur and 2 black eyes staring at me from the inside of Dave's car. I don't know how it happened but somehow Zoey spent the night in the car. Our dog is the first one out and the first one in the house so how we didn't recognize she wasn't there is beyond me. I guess I should have realized when I rolled over in the middle of the night and she didn't wake up to have me take her our. I should have realized this morning when I got up when she wasn't begging me to let her out. I should have realized when the house was all sorts of peaceful because James wasn't tormenting her like he usually does. What does this say about me? Maybe it's a good thing I haven't been able to have any more kids I might just up and leave them in the car all night and not even realize it until morning. Well I am glad she survived and hopefully she will live her full life and that somehow I am not the reason it gets cut short. Poor girl, I am sure she was as surprised as I was.