Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Feeling whole again

Over the last few weeks I have been in sort of a dither. Nothing terrible and something I easily could have fixed but I was stubborn and rebellious. Do you ever have those moments? Anyway I sort of came to a realization yesterday, something that sort of hit me to the core, that our Heavenly Father loves us, NO MATTER WHAT. I mean I think I knew this all along, but I really felt it yesterday. In spite of my protests, in spite of my need to rebel, in spite of knowing the answer and doing nothing about it, I was still shown a great deal of love and compassion and thankfulness for the things I actually do. And in return I wanted so hard to show my love and thankfulness back that I did the thing I had been rebelling against. It was sort of a weird moment not something I probably should have done but so appreciative of the lesson learned, for the agency of being a stubborn pig-headed girl and loved for it anyway. I am so thankful. In the past few weeks my body has become more whole, more well, more able to do the things I want. I think taking the triathlon class sort of jump started my body in a way, reminding it of its former glory, of the things it used to do. So my spirit and my body are becoming whole again, and I am so thankful for the mercy of a loving Father who despite my protests truly cares about His daughter and loves her and is good, and kind, and oh so very patient.