Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Toilet Troubles

We have been having a potty crisis around here. A couple of weeks ago the flapper on our toilet bit the dust so Dave purchased one at the store and installed it. Well the water was running off and on all night I couldn't stand it so I thought maybe we needed a different flapper. So to the store I go to find a different flapper. Well this one caused the pipes in our house to bang and shake and create all kinds of ruckus. So finally I broke down and tried one more flapper. No good. We had the water running out constantly. Every time we had to go we turned the water on, let the tank fill up then turn the water right back off. Finally yesterday I figured out where the leak was coming from. Our tube had cracked and all the water was escaping. So off to the store to buy new tube, which includes it's own flapper, #4 I believe. So we get it installed , flush and water is spewing out all over the sides. We figured the gasket wasn't sealed tight enough. So genius me decides to tighten it, but I went a little overboard, next thing I know we hear a big crack and what had I done but busted a big hole in the bottom of the porcelain tank. Dave proceeds to 2 different stores coming back with one tank only to find it is much too small. Looks like we are going to have to buy a new commode. Somehow I felt impressed to look online. Low and behold, thank you ebay someone has just the tank in KC. In the meantime we have no toilet, well we really have 2 others but somehow it just isn't the same. Dave in fact just mentioned how he feels like he is roughing in out in the woods or something because he has to walk clear down the hall to the boys bathroom. Poor us. ;0) I sure hope that tank comes soon. We have already had to deal with so much as it is. Nothing like feeling you are flushing your money down the toilet.