Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poor Dave

Well this morning Dave was getting dressed for work and while his clothes looked nice they are way too big. I felt sorry for the guy. He has TONS of clothes, since he was roughly the same size for years, so the thought of having to replace a wardrobe that took several years to build up seems daunting. But today after watching him get dressed there was nothing left to do, but go buy him a couple of shirts and pair of dress pants, and while I know they in no way compensate or make a dent into what he already has I hope at least 2-3that's days a week he looks like he isn't drowning in his clothes. I wish for just a little while he would stop shrinking and that maybe I could remotely be where he is right now because while I have lost 9 pounds it sure doesn't feel like it when you go clothes shopping and still nothing fits. I am almost where I was a little over a year ago before fertility treatments. Now if I could just get my body back to 5 years ago before James life would be oh so peachy, but that is still 35 pounds away. Oh to be my old self again. And by the way why didn't anyone tell me I was so huge? ;0) I had to figure it out the hard way today in the dressing room mirrors. If that's not motivation to step it up, I don't know what is.