Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A typical day at the grocery store

So first off can I say how much I loath and love the kid sized carts. Okay so today both my kids grabbed a kid cart each. We can't make it very far without James trying to ram into the back of Benji or I. He also likes to do his own personal shopping grabbing various items off the shelf and putting them in his cart. Next we are cruising our way at the back of the store wherein James decides to book it to the other end. Usually he comes back but today he decided to circumnavigate the whole store, I guess so thinking it will only take me a second I ask Benji to stay put. In the meantime I am trying to track down a precocious 4 year old and by the time I wrangle him and head back to where I specifically asked Benji to stay put, he is no where to be found. So now we take our second tour of the store knowing that Benji is probably crying because he gets really nervous if he is away from anyone for longer than 1 minute. Finally I track him down 10 aisles over at the front of the store and have to return to where we left off for our third tour. By this time I am exhausted. It has already been an extremely long day but with no food in the house we must press on. Finally we have everything we need and a few extra things we want, but somehow by now everyone is on the verge of a meltdown and we pretty much all lose it right there in the front of the checkout stand. James is screaming at Benji, Benji is yelling back, I am this close to losing it myself while trying to calm down two crazies, pay for our groceries, and not collapse from utter exhaustion. Luckily we made it out of there today alive. One of these days though, it is going to be a death by grocery shopping. The odds are definitely not in our favor. I can see it now on my tombstone, here lies a mother who couldn't make it past aisle 6, may she find eternal rest now.