Friday, May 11, 2012

A really great day

Today was a really great day. Why? Well a number of reasons. First off I cleaned a small portion of my parents house as a mother's day gift to my mom. In the process of cleaning I came across a bag of all our old cards from our wedding. I was just going to chuck them but decided it might be kind of fun to look through them before doing so. I am so glad I did because I found a gift card to Target in one of the envelopes. SCORE!!! Then yesterday James bought $10 worth of fish on some penguin game yesterday and they refused to give me a refund- but today they changed their minds so we didn't lose out on that. Thank you company for doing the right thing. I guess there was one negative spot in the day when I went for a run and barely made it back before collapsing in Dave's car from an asthma attack, but enough of that. Tonight was my absolute favorite. We finally pulled our projector and screen outside for a movie, Charlotte's Web of course. Today was very good. My psyche is improving because I have been in a bit of a dither the last week or so. Things aren't looking so bleak for me after all I just might make it and that makes this day one of the best.