Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sick Boy Part 2

So I am pretty sure I have been out of the house 2 or 3 times in the last 2 weeks. James is now sick, well he only acts sick when his fever escalates otherwise he is still bouncing and jumping around as usual. And although I am very sad he is sick because he is terribly "squeaky" when he is sick I haven't been too stir crazy myself. It might have a little to do with how I am particularly feeling, which is not so well myself. I am tired and run down and last week my back hurt every day and I was having dizzy spells again and nauseousness, and no I am not preggo, but feeling almost as horrid just the same. At least I have been catching up on reading and watching movies. I think I read 9 books and watched lots of movies. It has become a sad life. My house which was immaculate 2 weeks ago is now a garbage pit, but one cannot help it if one is watching movies or reading instead of doing work. I feel like I have been on a 2 week vacation. Now if my body could return to a little normalcy again we might be in business. Chances aren't looking too good though. I am just very grateful for the 2 months of absolute healthy bliss. Now if it could go back to the way it was? In the meantime Jane Austen movies and some good mysteries have kept me sane. Oh, and if you haven't seen Penelope you should. It is a cute movie. Dave even liked it, but don't tell anyone I told you, he might be upset that he left his man card at home. But it made me love him all the more when he announced that that he was sad the girl had lost her pig nose because it made her so unique. I love that he cared, that he makes me feel the same way about myself, not that I have a pig nose, but that to him I am unique and he loves me the way I am. 8 years next week and everyday I love him that much more.