Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sick Boy

Well my cute little man, Benji, has been sick for a week now and I think I finally figured out what he has. He started off with a sore throat last week, for about a day, then he started getting congested and coughing. Actually he couldn't stop coughing for several days. Something had triggered his asthma and nothing we tried to do for it would help, breathing treatments, steroids. He had a terrible fever for 3 days and every time I would try to give him medicine to gelp relieve some of his symptoms he would throw it up. He also was so tired, sleeping all day, wouldn't eat. I'm pretty sure he lost a few pounds. Yesterday was the first sign of life from the boy. He still has a cough, but it is much loosened. I'm pretty sure he had the flu. He is still not back to 100%, has missed school all week. I am just happy he is pulling through despite everything he had to deal with. I have never seen him so sick before. I just hope no one else gets it.