Monday, October 1, 2012

Canyon Ride

Tonight our little family drove up into the canyons. The leaves are changing and falling. It reminds me of one if my favorite childrens books. "Crackle, rustle, crinkle and crunch ...air that is corduroy cold." I just love those descriptions of fall. I love fall I love cold, you can always get snuggly warm. When we drove tonight I just love the kaleidoscope of colors the world gives us. We even found a beautiful spot to take pictures. We are hoping it is still beautiful on friday. We are hoping to get a new family picture. We also sang some new renditions of Old McDonald.So thank you to my Heavenly Father for giving us such a beautiful place to live and for this spot on earth that has seasons and brings change every few months. Change is good for my soul. "Crackle, rustle, crinkle and crunch autumn is here, HOORAY!"