Thursday, October 4, 2012


We had a big miracle happen at our house. Angels definitely surround us especially when we are where we are supposed to be. I went to my church's youth meeting last night. I had been busy all day making grape juice and applesauce. I had 4 jars of applesauce left to process and 10 minutes on the timer. Dave said he would watch it for me. Well when I got home one and a half hours later he was just taking it off the stove. He had forgotten about it. With the stove on med-high for so long the water had completely evaporated, the pan was black the applesauce was the color of cinnamon applesauce. The house stunk so bad. And while I was angry and then started the bawl not because of what happened but the culmination of a sort of rough day I can't help but be extremely grateful for the watchful eye of a Father in heaven who knew I needed him at home when I didn't even know and while I was doing his work He took care of mine. My kitchen should be gone. My family could have been lost. I am just so thankful for his tender mercies. Somehow the applesauce channeled the heat for over an hour. I know it because even 2know hours after the applesauce was taken off the stove it was still boiling. I don't know how it's even possible. I just know it happened.