Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where are we going?

I have been extremely anxious and sort of terrified the last few months and it all comes down to today. I am finding that my views politically are very independent. I don't believe either side has all the answers and that if we all work together we can come up with some pretty great ideas. But the last four years there has been nothing but one-sidedness and lying and fighting and stubborness on both sides. Who have we become? When did we decide it was better to be popular than to do the right thing? When did we decide it is okay to pout and act like a baby if we don't get our way? I know who I am voting for great men and women on both sides, people who I believe want what I want. And no matter who wins today I will have to accept the victories or defeats. I guess I am just worried that the majority of this country has become so extreme one way or the other that we won't be able to get anything done. That we have forgotten our greatness that God created us all to be. That we are letting the powers of the adversary rule and reign. Are we a God fearing people anymore? Or are we too concerned about being right no matter the truth or lies that lead to it? I just pray that God will protect our great nation against ourselves.