Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fixed It

I wish I could say I fixed the economy or found the fix for cancer but I didn't. You know how about a month ago our house almost burned down? Well this past week I finally got around to cleaning the stove top. Well the burner in question has not been heating up quite right so I pulled out the element and low and behold one of the prongs was completely melted off. Totally disintegrated. So I am cleaning some more and lift up the stove top to clean underneath and it is black covered in soot and the wire casing had been completely melted off a 3-4 inch section. Scary right? So we checked at the Sears parts outlet trying to find parts they said they had them in Provo, called not there. Said they could ship it to us for around $30 plus shipping, that was just for new wiring. I really wanted to fix it that day, it is afterall my favorite burner and I couldn't go a day without it. So just on a hunch I checked Amazon for the wiring part. Guess what? It was only $2.99 and I got the new element and while I was at it new drip pans for $27 and shipping was free. I must say that made my day. So the parts came today and wam, bam we have an almost brand new stove. And it only cost a cheap $27. I love a good deal. Nothing makes me happier.