Sunday, January 6, 2013

$6 date night/Brrrr it's cold

Last night was the first night of our group date night babysitting group. There are six couples who once a week watch each others kids while the rest go out on a date. Last night we went out on a date and since we are trying to save for Disneyland only spent $6 (we could have done it free) and had a great time. We dropped our kids off at 5 and went to Sam's club for dinner. It was mildly disgusting but it was okay. Then we drove over to some new outlet malls we have nearby. So much fun. Next we went and got a redbox movie and watched it at home. And we still had an hour and a half to kill so we watched some tv. (Yes we are totally lame.) I felt kind of bad though. We were the first to drop our kids off and the last to pick them up. Not sure what everyone else did and I hope everyone else had fun. Now on to the freezing part. So last night after we put the kids to bed we watched some more shows and when we finally decided to go to bed we went upstairs and I was freezing. I thought I better turn the furnace up. I went to push the button and noticed it was only 57° in our house. Somehow earlier in the day the boys had been playing hide-and-seek and had turned the furnace off. I am glad I noticed or checked. I thought nothing really of my being cold because I am always cold. Especially in these single digit temperatures. I feel like I am a frozen popsicle all the time. I still haven't been able to adjust like I usually do. I am hoping it warms up to at least near freezing. Ahhh... that would be nice. Anyway I can't wait until next week it is our turn for all the ruffians. I guess that will help us decide if it is something we really want to do. :0)