Friday, January 4, 2013


I probably write about James too much but he is the squeakiest wheel at our house. He has been our nightly visitor the past few nights and even in his sleep he is entertaining us. He has been laughing in his sleep the last two nights. It is the cutest thing on the planet and I am so thankful he has good dreams instead of him crying from a bad one. We thankfully have come to an understanding too. I have been extra angry lately and hate when I explode on my kids. Since James is the main instigator and knows how to push me over the edge we have come up with a fail safe. If I feel like I am about to get angry I forewarn him that I am about to get really mad and lickity split that boy is out of there so fast. It has worked wonders for our relationship. I don't explode on him and he gets away unscathed. I am thankful for that little burst of inspiration. And I am thankful for my sweet boy. It has been a rough few years being his mom but the rewards and growth I am seeing from him make it all worth it. He used to be 20% easy and 80% hard now he is 80% easy and 20% hard much more enjoyable for me and for him.