Saturday, March 16, 2013

Babysteps to recovery

My body has been through a lot in the last 5 years. I unknowingly tortured it to the point of exhaustion. There are still things I could do better but in the meantime I have already seen the positive effects of no gluten. Last week I went to the doctor. My blood pressure was down back to my really old normal 110/78. It hasn't been that low in a while. It had even gotten up to 140 something/80 something. It was bad. So I was shocked that it had returned to normal. Another improvement is I am able to run and not have my muscles scream in agony at me every time. I raced James on his bike and beat him, he is fast, and it didn't faze me. Sometimes it's hard to see the small and simple positives when the big things don't seem to be moving in the right direction. Sometimes you want to give up because the road seems to be moving backward while your trying to inch forward. But it's these little tiny precious exciting feats of accomplishment that tell me I am moving forward and one day those big things will happen even though for a moment I seem stuck in the same place I was yesterday and the day before. All things add up eventually. I'm not giving up. I have come too far, inches but soon feet and then yards and eventually miles. But I have to keep moving. So if your life seems like your stuck no matter how hard you try don't give up. It took me 5 years of praying to get my answer to even begin recovery but I knew that I had to endure. Keep fighting. Who knows how long it would have taken if I had just given up? I would probably be my old miserable self. So never ever give up. "I'm pullin' for ya, we're all in this together."