Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning is in the air.

I haven't really ever buckled down and cleaned my whole house in a weeks time like so many of my friends do. I always tried to do what I could a little here a little there. One closet this month, the downstairs family room another month and eventually everything got cleaned once in 3 years. Well I feel a great urge to clean everything at once. I think I finally have the energy to tackle such a project. I decided to start in my room, my sanctuary or so it should be. And while I am not quite finished, still need to vacuum under the bed and  Dave's dresser and clean my bathroom it feels really good. Boys are sooooo messy and maybe their mother just a little bit too. Purging and cleaning away the filth is awesome. I hope I don't run out of steam by the time I hit the hallway. I am going to take my time though maybe a month instead of a week. And even if I don't get done at least some of the stuff will be clean and that makes this mom oh so happy!