Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I really thought I had written this post, I know I have rehearsed it in my mind lots of times but somehow it never made it down on paper. So here it goes:
I have come to a discovery of sorts, about my weight and how it cycles each month, well I actually knew this before when I lost a bunch 6 years ago but the way my mind is it's like learning it all over again for the first time. So my weight does this cycle where one week I lose 5-8 pounds in one week I get so excited have a big happy dance and want to do better and better but then something happens. The following week I gain back at least half of that amount anywhere between 3-5 pounds and then it sticks there for 3 weeks. Making me all sad and depressed wondering why I can't lose a stinkin' pound. But then that fourth week hits again and I drop 5-8 pounds again. So while it seems like nothing is ever coming off or nothing is ever getting done if you add it up over the course of a month I am roughly losing 3-5 pounds a month. Now it may not seem like a lot, but when added up over several months it has added up to 16 pounds. A huge feat in and of itself considering the gaining I have been prone to do. And it has all happened by only giving up gluten. I still down sugar like it's going out of style. I still eat a lot and I have been walking more but really it has been so simple. Just a few lifestyle changes. That is the great thing. I don't have to worry about when this is all over if I will gain it back because I don't think I will unless I become a couch potato. I know many of my friends are struggling right now trying to lose weight. Some are successful and some are not. It is okay. Just pick one or two things you can change. Feel good. Nothing stops your progression more than depression. Keep moving forward even if you find yourself moving back. I know how it feels. It really adds up. Even the little things. Pay attention to see if you are cycling like me. It really makes a world of difference. Because you know what is coming and can push past the disappointment and keep on going. We can do this. It may take me a whole year to finish, but I have got nothing but time.