Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hello....from OHIO!

I am currently in Ohio in a very cute little hippy town. I am helping my not so little brother fix up his new very old house. It is such a cute little place. We tore out the whole kitchen, hoping to put it back together in a weeks time, but only to find the electrical is a mess and can't be fixed until Monday. So since we can't put humpty dumpty back together I have been tackling wallpaper and lots of it, 3 rooms full. The first two were cake, which they weren't, compared to the bathroom, which someone so lovingly put on the dry wall, so it doesn't want to come off at all without a lot of scraping and water and layers and a couple of layers that should not come off. We really need one more week to get things done, but I leave tomorrow. I hope they can get things squared away. I did get one room primed for painting. Have one more that needs to be sanded and primed and then the awful horrible wallpaper mess in the bathroom. Oh well. We really did try. So much demolition and running to Lowes several times a day and we still weren't able to finish the almost impossible task. But I am happy with what did happen. It will be that much easier come the next rounds.