Friday, August 2, 2013

School Days

Well school is in full swing around here. I missed getting a picture of Benji on his first day but I just dropped James off at his. He was so cute. I was standing back behind some other parents just watching him to see what he would do. He was talking to the boy behind him and making friends. Then when the teacher said it was time to go in. He waved goodbye to me then ran out of the line and jumped up in my arms and gave me a big squeeze. I sure love that boy. I wasn't sure what to think about having an empty nest. It's not really what I had planned on. But I must say I think it is going to be quite enjoyable. We rode our bikes to school then I took off on a jaunt. It was nice not having to stop every 100 yards. I could just go flying. So much fun to ride. I'm not sure of we're doing the triathlon or not in October, but I am going to exercise in the 3 disciplines anyway. So far it has been a blast and hard work too, but I thrive on hard. Here is to a few hours of me time everyday.