Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Worse than my boys

I was at Sam's Club today and saw that Disney's new Infinity game was out and I wanted to buy it so bad. My boys didn't even notice but dumb me made a big deal about it. I am worse than my boys. Maybe I like being the cool mom sometimes. Maybe I am remembering my childhood and my dad doing a very similar thing every time a new Nintendo gaming system came out or a new Mario Bros. game. I'm not sure, but maybe it's a little of both. There are so many things I say "no" to. And I guess I was in a similar situation as a child. We didn't have a lot, but my dad always made sure we had the latest. And he hated playing, unless it was Zelda, but now being a mom and seeing the joy on my kids faces on a splurge makes me think that must have been how my dad felt. He would have done anything to see that delight. I guess it's a bit of family tradition not conventional and I'm pretty sure most of the psychological and doctor studies would disagree with gaming in general but for me it brings back my childhood and I just want to pass that excitement onto my kids. Any bets on when I'll buy it? Probably as soon as I get some extra money. Yeah, I know I'm lame but it brings me joy.