Saturday, October 19, 2013


Yesterday Dave and I decided to surprise the boys by taking them to Lagoon. It was so fun and the boys were not expecting it. I love how laid back we are. I mean we don't have an agenda and we can just roam and travel to wherever we feel the breeze takes us. (Has anyone learned I hate schedules yet?) We weren't able to go on a lot of rides because James is a few inches too short still but we had a good time on the ones we were able to go on. And now Benji is almost too big for the little rides, he got on one, but couldn't get on the other. We are sort of at a crossroads year. I am hoping to get on most of the rides next time we go. The boys are so fun. On one ride, that we have been on before but they hated, they said it was AMAZING! and had to go again. Then they got their fill of candy and fun toys on some of the spook alleys. I just really had a fun time with my family. They are my favorite place to be.