Sunday, March 23, 2014


Last night I went to check on my boys just before I went to sleep. Both boys were squished in Benji's bed. I thought how grateful I am that they have each other. Pregnancy and having babies was really hard for me. Really hard, so after Benji I wasn't sure I wanted any more. I was fine being done. But my uncle told me something that I took to heart, you have to have at least one more so Benji can have a friend. And I am so glad I listened because it is so sweet and fulfilling to see them together. They get along famously and love and serve each other every day. Both making sure the other has a fair share of treats and gifts. Of course they fight too, but if it gets too out of hand I am a mean mom and make them hug for 30 seconds or a minute. By the end they are both laughing and getting along again. Someday Dave and I won't be here anymore, but I know my boys will be okay because they have each other. I am so thankful my Heavenly Father entrusted me with these two boys, to love on them and be their mom. Some days I would still like more, because they are just so cute, but then I remember how much work they are and I find myself perfectly content with what I have been given.