Friday, March 28, 2014

My Balm

It has been raining and sometimes snowing the last few days, perfect weather for working in the yard. Nice and cool, wet so the ground is soft and plenty of weeds to fill the time. I have a lot of work to do this year. I pruned my peach tree. I have one garden mostly ready for planting. I still have my big garden to clean out and all of my flower beds, which is 60% of my yard. Then I need to go get 3-5 truckloads of compost and spread it throughout my yard and garden. My dirt is very depleted of nutrients. I should have done it last year, but didn't have the energy or the means to do it, but this year I think I'll have the means, still working on the energy part. It really needs to get done so my flowers and plants and veggies and fruits will love me for it. I really do love working outside, getting some vitamin D and working in the dirt. My mom passed on that love to me and I am so thankful. It is a balm to my soul. And who doesn't need more balm?