Monday, May 26, 2014


I have been out of sorts lately. That happens sometimes. Because of that I have neglected to write about a few things. A few weeks ago I helped paint my mom's room for mother's day. I tried to do the whole thing by myself, but my mom won't let that happen. :) Anyway, it was fun and it turned out very nicely. We were in the process of putting her bed back together when something crazy happened. My mom somehow tripped over the footboard and miraculously landed in between the cross bars of her bed frame. Unfortunately, she broke her wrist, but the miraculous thing is what I saw. It was all in such slow motion, and I wish I could have had my eyes opened to what really happened, but from my vantage point it was as if my mom hit an invisible barrier, was caught and turned somehow and then an inch from the floor let go or dropped. It was so crazy, but a beautiful save from her guardian angels. It really should have been entirely worse.

Another thing on my mind happened last weekend in our days of fun. First of all, I am not perfect. Sometimes I lack the courage to do the right thing and this was one of those times. When we were on the ropes course and Ben wouldn't go on the zip line, I will admit I was quite flustered. In the middle of this chaos I had the distinct impression that we should say a prayer.  But the coward in me refused. And I think it could really have been a special moment for us. I think it could have been a miracle. I think it could have planted a seed in some of the other participants. I think we could have had a great impact. I regret not having the courage to act on a prompting from the Holy Ghost. I really want to do better, be better, fear less, have more courage and faith. Someday.

Miracles haven't ceased. We can be a miracle in someone else's life or we can have help from angels unseen. All I know, which isn't very much indeed, is God loves us. And sometimes that is the greatest miracle of all, especially when I think of all the boneheaded things I do.