Monday, July 14, 2014


I started out this blog as a way to chronicle the happenings in my family, but somehow it has morphed into more of an online journal about some of the thoughts and ideas in my head. I really never planned on anyone reading it. Is anyone really reading it? I don't know anyone for sure, except for my mom. "Hi, mom!"  But it has been a way for me to put on paper, so to speak, the words I can't always communicate clearly vocally, and frankly not all that well here either. So it came as a bit of shock to learn this is my 750th post. I thought I was doing good when I reached 100. I've never been good at seeing things through. I guess I have a lot more going on in this head of mine than I thought. Who knew? Lately you may have noticed I have been focusing more on sharing my testimony. What I believe and know to be true for me. I never wanted to be a missionary for my church. I am awkward and shy and sometimes way too reserved, unless you get to know me I guess, apparently I am a goofball. This has really become my way of sharing the gospel of Christ. He is my Savior, He is your Savior, whether you want Him to be or not. He has already paid the ultimate price for you and for me. His love is vast and wide and deep. I know because I have tested it to its limits, well as far as my limits go and in doing so found that God doesn't have limits. His love is all-encompassing, unconditional and profound. And if His love is that way, just imagine the scope of love from our Father. Our finite minds can not even begin to comprehend the magnitude. Our goal is to find Him, Them. Reach out and take hold of what is right there waiting for you. Their love can change your life. It has changed much.